Wraith Keeper: "So little fear. Is it valour ... or ignorance?"

EP1 - Bonding (Rating: R)

--- Tense updated to past tense of chapters 1 to 17 ---
--- Masive re-write of the story 1 to 5 so far and halfway through chapter 6 ---
--- Beta in progress: chapter 1-4 are final, chapter 5 almost ---

--- Torture (physical & mental) ---
--- Shep Whumping and visious Wraith, what more to say :) ---

Additional Credits:
--- To my wonderfull beta's: Ashanome, Heimedall & Ellie ---
--- A source of inspiration: Colonel John Sheppard and Wraith Queens ---

Short plot:
--- Sheppard and his team find a Wraith baby and the bond with her creates an even more bizarre bond when they encounter unexpected guests... ---

*** Chapter 1 ***

Trees, sand and rocks passed beneath Colonel John Sheppard, Doctor Rodney McKay and Teyla Emmagan who were sitting in a puddle jumper flying in a low orbit around a planet. Doctor Elizabeth Weir had sent the team to this planet to perform some initial survey scans. The team regularly made these kinds of planetary scans, looking for signs of interesting civilizations or technology. After evaluating the scans, she would decide whether to send in another team to do a more detailed investigation.

Sheppard was the one sitting behind the controls. In addition to flying, he periodically checked the scanner to see if there was anything worth investigating on this planet. Teyla, sitting in the co-pilot’s chair next to him, was starting to get impatient. They had been flying around the planet for what seemed like days and yet they had not found any sign of a current or past civilization nor had they found any sign of technology at all. She wasn’t too fond of flight missions in the first place, but if they were useful she could gain energy from the task. However, today was only draining the energy from her. She was sitting still in her seat, watching out the window and seeing not much more than the blue sky.

Outside the Mind’s eye (Rating R)

Titel: Outside ith the Mind’s eye
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, Drama

Chapters 1 to 4 Completed, still working on the rest

John's POV about what happened to Elizabeth

***** Chapter 1 *****

John watched Elizabeth straight in her eyes and decided to give up. He was not going to win this discussion. There were mission he didn’t like and this one was at the top of his list. Normally meeting people of other cultures was interesting, but the Kantorians were so extremely annoying and self-centred that he had trouble controlling himself. Last time Ronon actually had to pull him from the room or he would have smacked the ambassador right in his face. After cooling down, he had continued negotiating a trade relation, but at the end, somehow he had insulted them when he forgot to clap his hands and hop three times. Elizabeth had warned him that the relationship with the Kantorians was important and now he had screwed it up. Not only had she already shouted at him, but now she was also demanding that he apologize. Performing this ridiculous ritual, bare footed dancing and hopping around to win back the grace of the ancient spirits. Just the mission he was hoping for.

“John, I’m serious!”

“I know,” he blurted out. There was not a single excuses he hadn’t tried to make Elizabeth change her mind, but none had worked. He signed deeply and forced a smile on his face. Elizabeth was furious from the latest argument and he was pleased to have the excuse to stop when his radio activated. Quickly he pointed to his ear and activated the radio.

“Colonel, if you have time I would like to have a word with you,” Doctor Beckett said in his ear.

Battle with the Mind’s eye (Rating R)

Titel: Battle with the Mind’s eye
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, Drama

Chapters 1 to 11 Completed

Elizabeth's POV, John's POV will follow in Outside the Mind's eye, busy writing chapter one...

***** Chapter 1 *****

Elizabeth woke up and opened her eyes. Everything around her was dark and she couldn’t see anything. A terrible headache made her close her eyes for a moment, before she slowly opened them again. Her whole body was trembling and cold shivers ran along her spine. She didn’t remember were she was or how she had gotten here. However, she knew for sure she wasn’t in a familiar environment; considering the cold and moist dirt beneath her body. Moving her limbs was painful and made her more aware of the wet clothes stuck to her body. Her back was benumbed from the cold ground. In addition, a flow of freezing air enfolded around her and a few droplets of cold rain fell on her face. Carefully she moved her hands to her face and wiped the droplets away. With her fingertips, she scanned the surface of her skin. Her normal smooth face was covered with scratches and a large cut on the left side of her forehead could explain the cause for the headache. She had no clue on how serious the injury to her head was, but it had to be extensive. How else would she not remember a thing about what had happened to her.

EP4 - Queen of Ice (Rating: R)

Title: Queen of Ice – Cold Paradise (chapters 1 and 2)
Rating: R
Genre: Gen (Pairing: John/OFC)
Spoilers: None
Summary: John meets a mysterious woman on a planet covered in snow
Beta: Heimedall, thank you

Remarks: Chapters 1 to 3 ready

Chapter 1

The Stargate deactivated after Ronon stepped from the puddle of water. He was the last person to set foot on the planet. John had taken the lead stepping through the gate from Atlantis, closely followed by Teyla, Rodney and finally Ronon. Their boots had completely sunken in the thick layer of snow that covered the planet. The MALP had already shown they needed warm clothes for this mission, but somehow the temperature felt less cold then it actually was. Of course, Rodney had tried to take every precaution to avoid getting any part of his body exposed to the cold. Only his face emerged from deep under his hood. Underneath he wore a hat and he had even made it possible to wear two set of gloves on his hands.

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